GameSpot is a video gaming website that provides news, reviews, previews and other information about games, game-related topics, comics, movies and TV shows. Users don't need an account to use the site, but registration is required for its community features, such as blog, forums, ratings and reviews.

The site was created by Pete Deemer, Vince Broady and Jon Epstein on May 1, 1996. As of November 2016, GameSpot ranks 844th on Alexa's most-visited websites.

1. Create an account

  1. Go to
  2. Click Join in the top right of the page.
  3. You can choose to use your Google Account to sign in, or use your email address to create a new account.
  4. Choose a username, provide your email address and create a password.
  5. Enter your birthday.
  6. Check the box next to Yeah, yeah, I agree to your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.
  7. Click Create account.

You will be taken through a few more steps to customize your browsing experience. Make sure to check your email inbox for the verification email to activate your GameSpot account.

2. Sign in

  1. Go to
  2. Click Sign In in the top right of the page.
  3. Enter your username and password.
  4. Click Log in.

3. Feature

A. News

Like most news-focused website, GameSpot brings users the latest news about games and game-related topics. GameSpot also features news about movies, TV shows and comics. All current popular gaming platforms have their own section on GameSpot and can be accessed at the top of the page.

B. Reviews

Besides being a big news source, GameSpot is also a game review websites. Although, games are reviewed officially and scored (0-10, with 0.1 increment) by the GameSpot's staff, users can also write their own reviews and give the games rating, and both the site's review and users' review can be accessed on the game's entry page of the website. Reviews are also specified by the platform they play the games on. Users can search for games and its related news on the website based on their score, genre and platform.

C. Videos

GameSpot also produces various original video series, and exclusive access to some of the biggest gaming and entertainment events. All of them are available on and GameStop Youtube channel.

D. Community features

GameSpot has its own discussion forums for users to discuss game-related and non-game related topics. There are also separate boards for platform fans such as: Nintendo Fan Club, PlayStation Nation, Xbox Association, PC/Mac/Linux Society, Retro Gaming and for different games. In addition to the message board system, GameSpot has expanded its community features through the addition of user blogs. Users can track other users by following, allowing them to see updates of their favorite blogs.

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